Latest situation in local Italian scrap market

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 17:56:42 (GMT+3)   |   Brescia

Scrap demand is weak in the Italian domestic market, while scrap availability is on the low side. Sources polled by SteelOrbis explained that prices are very weak, but they have mostly trended sideways in past weeks due to low scrap availability. Compared to last week, local scrap prices have remained stable or decreased slightly. Busheling scrap prices decreased the most due to lower demand compared to other scrap qualities. Concerning the coming weeks, domestic scrap prices could trend sideways or decrease slightly depending both on local demand and on the trend of international scrap prices.

Average spot prices in the local Italian scrap market are as follows:


Average spot price (€/mt)

Turnings (E5)

220-230 ($249-260/mt)

HMS (E1/E3)

245-255 ($277-288/mt)

Shredded scrap (E40)

270-275 ($305-311/mt)

Busheling (E8) 

270-280 ($305-316/mt)


Prices include delivery and exclude VAT.

€1 = $1.13


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