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SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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US sheet steel prices still declining ahead of holiday weekend

Global View on HRC: Prices still falling in all regions except China, Indian exporters most active

Indian HRC export prices drop by $50/mt this week, resulting in some deals

Local HRC prices in EU keep dropping, import prices follow suit

Chinese domestic PPGI prices move sideways

Shagang Group cuts local HRC prices by $90/mt for July

Ex-China HDG prices drop further, though local market posts slight rises

Retail sheet prices fall further in Turkey as traders seek to minimize stocks

Flats prices fall again in Romania amid low demand, bearish mood

HRC buying in Pakistan on hold, market seeks clearer direction

HRC customers in UAE wait for prices to reach bottom

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 26

Russian HRC producers aggressive globally, under pressure locally

Lower-priced HRC deals in Vietnam despite positive news from China

Lower import and local HRC prices in Turkey drag down coated, CRC prices

Better mood in Chinese HRC market, mills’ export offers mainly stable

Indian mills successful in gradually improving export trades after marginal cut in prices

Ex-China steel plate prices stable after sharp fall as futures rebound

Fall in local Indian HRC trade prices paused by expected better stock movement

US sheet steel buyers sitting on sidelines due to still-falling prices

Mills’ prices for all flats fall once again in Turkey

Global View on HRC: Asia still leading the race in price decreases

Chinese domestic PPGI prices move down

Retail flat steel market in Turkey still not in great shape

Import HRC offers to Pakistan fall further, buyers expect new declines

Hoa Phat revises down local HRC prices, import offers still on the wane

HRC prices fall further in EU, lower prices still awaited

Ex-China HDG prices tumble together with other flats, outlook mixed with today's futures rise

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 25

Emirati customers abstain from HRC bookings due to mounting bearishness

Romanian flat steel prices decline due to high stocks, low trade

Ex-China CRC prices fall rapidly after drop of over $60/mt in local prices

Downturn continues in Turkey’s local and import HRC markets

Russian HRC sellers push volumes to South Asia at discounts amid lack of markets

Ex-China HRC offer prices down $50/mt week on week as local and overseas demand still weak

Improvements in ex-India HRC exports suffer setback as buyers seek more price cuts

Falling futures and local prices in China further impact HRC exports

Ex-China steel plate prices fall sharply amid huge local declines

Local Indian HRC trade prices continue to lose ground amid minimal bookings

US HRC, CRC prices not expected to bottom for a while

HRC export offers decline again in Brazil

HRC prices slide again in Turkey amid low demand, declining scrap prices

Global View on HRC: Recent price drop in Asia to put additional pressure on other markets globally

Ex-India HRC corrected down further amid sales to Vietnam

Turkey's retail flat steel prices still sliding due to sharp drop in scrap prices

Formosa cut HRC price for second time in row, import prices in Vietnam down $25-30/mt

Chinese domestic PPGI prices edge down for thick specifications

Mood weakens further in southern European HRC market

Import slab to be booked by Europe rather than Turkey in short-term

Bearish mood returns in Asia’s import slab market

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