Flats and Slab

SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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CRC import prices increase in Brazil

Indian CRC prices keep falling as lower end-user demand hikes supply rise concerns

Turkey’s coated and cold rolled flat product prices dip further

US flats prices remain steady week-on-week, but downtrend could be imminent

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 37

Ex-China CRC prices down, mood in local market worsens

Local Indian CRC prices fall further amid higher-than-expected auto output cuts

Baosteel continues to keep local HRC prices stable for October

Free Have US flat steel prices finally peaked?

Domestic flats prices collapse in Russia

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 36

CRC import prices stable in Brazil

Ex-China CRC prices decrease, but further sharp drop unlikely

Another sharp drop in coated and CRC prices in Turkey

Local Indian CRC market sees setbacks in sentiments and prices

US sheet steel prices still firm due to mills’ planned outages

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 35

Coated and CRC prices in Turkey fall sharply

Ex-China CRC prices remain high for buyers, local market relatively stable

Pakistani CRC and HDG mills hike prices to offset currency fluctuations

Local CRC prices in India edge up, but outlook not very optimistic

Are US sheet prices starting to reach their ceiling?

Ex-China CRC prices unmoved despite growing negative factors

US import CRC from Europe and Taiwan

CRC import prices roughly stable in Brazil

Indian CRC prices fall due to supply side pressure, lower than expected auto sector demand

Turkey’s CRC prices dragged down by almost complete absence of demand

Import HRC prices move up in UAE despite limited demand

US import HRC, CRC offers “increasingly attractive” due to still-climbing domestic prices

Ex-China CRC prices remain high, though buying very poor

Indian CRC traded prices soften amid demand slowdown

US sheet increases reach 12-month mark

Baosteel keeps local HRC prices stable for September

Ex-Europe and Ex-Taiwan CRC prices in the US are unchanged, week-over-week

Ex-China CRC offers rise sharply, trade still hit by uncertain export policy

CRC import prices remain stable in Brazil

Mood in Indian CRC market turns nervous amid supply chain disruptions in auto sector

US sheet prices rise despite dip in scrap prices

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 31

US import CRC offers “increasingly competitive” against domestic pricing

China suspends giving CRC export offers due to tax rebate cancellation

Traders in Turkey decrease flats spot prices due to low demand

Higher local Indian CRC prices likely to be absorbed by market

Have US sheet steel prices finally peaked?

Pakistani CRC and HDG producers raise prices again

Expected export policy changes restrict ex-China CRC trading, sellers push prices up

US import CRC prices from Europe and South Africa

CRC import prices stable in Brazil

Indian local CRC prices maintain amid demand and strong outlook for automobile industry

US sheet prices still climbing, HRC solidly over $90 cwt.

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