Tangshan imposes level II emergency air pollution measures

Monday, 22 April 2019 10:42:06 (GMT+3)   |   Shanghai

The municipal government of Tangshan in China’s Hebei Province has announced that, due to anticipated increases in air pollution, it has decided to implement level II emergency response measures effective from 8:00 on April 20 to 24:00 on April 25.

In particular, sintering machines belonging to category A and located outside the urban area will halt 40 percent of their capacities, while they will halt 50 percent of their capacities if located within the urban area. In addition, category B sintering machines will halt 60 percent of their capacities, while category C sintering machines will halt 70 percent of their capacities. Category D sintering machines will completely shut down production for the period in question.

At the same time, category A coking plants are required to extend their coke carbonization period to at least 28 hours, while category B and C coking plants are required to extend their coke carbonization period to at least 36 hours, which will have the result of reducing coke output.

Meanwhile, enterprises engaged in mining and ore crushing shall cease production.

During the given period, vehicles used for port collection and distribution will not be allowed to enter or leave the port area, and vehicles used in the iron and steel, coking, non-ferrous metals, power and chemical industries will not be allowed to enter or leave factory areas.

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