Basic Information

Under the main plant supposes the spiral welded pipe branch factory, straight seam welded pipe branch factory and 3PE anticorrosion company. My factory has 1990s advanced in to receive the type to take shape φ 219 ~φ 4820mm, φ377 ~ 1220mm and φ377 ~ 1220mm four sets of spiral welded pipes unit and a set of present homes most advanced φ 159 ~ 1016mm steel pipe anticorrosion (FBE, 2FBE, 2PE, 3PE) the production line, the year steel pipe productivity 180,000 tons, spreads spreads the ability 1.3 million square meters. The production craft and the equipment level achieved the international advanced level, is domestically first-class. The production quality control strictly follows this factory ISO9001: 2,000 quality control system document.


Pipe / Profile Manufacturer