Basic Information

Hsing Ku Enterprises, founded by Mr. Chi-Pen Yang, was established in 1969. It became an associate of the W.S.F. Group in 1994. As a result of this association, the W.S.F. Group and Hsing Ku Enterprises have become the largest stainless steel processors in Taiwan with an annual turnover exceeding US$50,000,000.00. The stainless steel processing plant located in Taiwan currently processes approximately 40,000 tons of stainless steel per annum and trades over 30,000 tons of stainless steel per annum. This is in addition to the stainless steel scrap processed by the W.S.F. Group at its main processing plant in Guangdong, China. The W.S.F. Group and Hsing Ku Enterprises’ stainless steel recovery operations specialize in all types of stainless steel recovery such as sabot 8/8, high grade nickel alloys, “alloy-42”, stainless shredded, runnings and turnings.

China, Hong Kong SAR

Trader (International)