Basic Information

Telma was founded in 1980 to deal with the works in wire drawing field. In the course of time, the company has manufactured the low carbon (iron) coils in diameters between 1.5 mm and 10 mm and the straight wire between 5 cm and 5.5 meters. The products made of wire are given as follows; Zinc plated - straight wire, roller handle and various products etc. Ni-Cr plated - grid wires used inside the oven, shutters used in electrical heaters, baskets etc.. Rubber plated- deep-freeze baskets, commercial and home used refrigerator shelves etc. The bending process is applied to any kind of wires between 3 mm and 8 mm. In addition, the wire meshes can be manufactures in any requested length and design in wide of maximum 1600 mm by using the wires in diameters between 3 mm and 8 mm.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer