Basic Information

Our company acts as representation office during the importation of the steel scraps used in iron and steel sector from abroad into Turkey and deals with the domestic scrap trade for the recycling of the production steel scraps within the country. Stainless steel scraps are exported to foreign firms in Europe and far eastern countries and the finished products of the stainless steel producing firms are marketed to the domestic firms by our company . The domestic and international trade of secondary quality materials/excess of exports or A2, A3 and A4 quality hot or cold rolled coil, tin plate, sheet, plate, pipe and profile is handled by our company . Hematite, Nodular and Basic pig iron procured from domestic and foreign firms are sold to electric arc furnaces plants and firms in foundry sector. Our company always takes an active role in the supply of metallurgical coke, coking coal, ferroalloy materials required by the iron steel sector and such raw materials required by the Turkish domestic firms and our company makes important contribution to the quantity, quality and price optimization of finished, semi finished products and auxiliary materials in every stage of import process. Our company deals with the domestic and international trade of iron and steel sector products such as hot rolled and cold rolled coils, sheet, plate, wire rod, pipe and profile


Trader (International)