Basic Information

Shanghai Ergang XinCheng Industries is one of the two licensed manufacturers of high-performance wire rope products in Shanghai China. We have a staff of more than 570, more than 5 locations of 50,000 square meters in Shanghai Chongming District. For over 60 years, BAOSTEEL GROUP shanghai ergang industries has been a leader in the field of wire rope in China. In 1997, a management team consists of 6 engineers with more than 35 years experiences from Ergang industries founded Shanghai Ergang XinCheng Industries. With the knowledge and expertise, we have been able to work and obey a strict procedure. We provide rope solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications, including general industrial and construction, mining, forestry, oil and gas, fishing and elevator. Our quality management system has been registered to ISO 9001: 2000. We dedicate to quality control. The quality of our products impresses the customers in China by improved fatigue life, increased strength, and shock and abrasion resistance. Our biggest customers in China are from the field of mining, oil and gas industries that strictly need the quality assurance which we can always promise. We strive to combine the customers' needs and technology into our products by maximizing our research and development and manufacturing capabilities.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer