Basic Information

With an experience derived from 1980s and being established by Hüseyin Saraç who is one of the most experienced iron traders of İzmir, Saraçlar started its activities in Izmir Industrial Site No.1, with the sales of iron sheets, box structural iron and roller mill goods. Today, our company keeps on operating on a 1000 m2 covered production area. Saraçlar, who takes the customer satisfaction as the first and the greatest principle, always knows how to renew itself by taking the changing technology and the customer needs as its basis. Adding an iron sheet cutter (10 mm guillotine) and iron sheet bender (10 mm Hydraulic Pres Brake) machines into its structure in 1995, our company has increased the capacity of its machine track and today, it is presenting the highest quality of craftsmanship for its customers with iron sheet cutters (16 mm and 4 mm Hydraulic Shears), iron sheet benders (10 mm Hydraulic Press Brake), lathe workbench (a material with a 500 mm diameter can be treated, 3000 mm workbench long, automatic), 3 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine (1600 mm bending length, extended roll shafts for profile and pipe bending), hydraulic presses (60 tons capacity), optic cutters, column drillers and welding machines.


Trader (Local)