Basic Information

In 1986,our firm started the woven wire works. Under the principal of the best service, our firm became a company and increased its potential of manufactures in 2000. Our company’s mission is to serve inside the fundamentals of quality, aesthetic, and confidence and it also deserved to take the ISO-9001- 2000 Quality Certificate in 2004. Our all materials are TSE and at the hot plunging galvanise 150-280 gr, which is the last amount of cover, is being used. In our factory, in both the all kinds and in the all dimensions, galvanise and PVC woven wire as well as iron slice is being manufactured which manufactured products are assembled by our the experienced staffs. In both Turkey and the abroad, our company provides easiness through the turnkey applications at the sport arenas, at the sport equipment, and surrounding hedgerow systems.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer