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Where Steel Matters
We know where steel matters most! We invite you experience the comfort of reliability and speed in service, at competitive prices.

As a global -born company having agents and distributors in various countries, Odelya International Steel Co. offers complete steel solutions for many applications where local and international clients operating in various industries, when sophisticated quality, and fast delivery options are required. Complete Steel Solutions We invite you to discover the complete steel solutions with Odelya-brand steel products, with the comfort and trust of access to wide range of products directly from one reliable source, under strict quality assurance policies. Global Network Odelya enjoys a wide network of Odelya’s agents, local and international distributors, and strategic alliances representing Odelya brand steel products in various countries, for a successful combination of competencies, to offer the most competitive and optimal solutions. Having successful records in supply of steel products for prestigious contractor’s projects, Odelya offers competitive and wide range of products also for the regular or specific requirements of traders, stock-holders etc. Quality, Flexibility, Trust Odelya’s business perspective is well defined with those three keywords: Sophisticated Quality Assurance Flexibility to build innovative cooperations globally Trust on business ethics Where Steel Matters Odelya International Steel Co’s product are categorized into three product lines each of which are named as per their characteristics: Piping Project Materials (PPM) Project-oriented, Large Diameter Steel Pipes and fittings Products: SAW-Spiral/Helical Carbon Steel Pipes, Pre-insulated Pipes, Fittings, Valves… Main Applications: Piling Works (foundation drilling, port/combiwall/general construction), Pipelines, District Heating/Cooling, Dredging Tubular Steel Materials (TSM) Small Diameter Steel Tubes for Structural, Water&Gas Conveyance and Mechanical Purposes Products: ERW Steel Tubes (Round / Square / Rectangular) Rolled Steel Materials (RSM) Long and Flat Steel Products and various industrial products made of long and flat steel products Products: Steel Sections, Bars (Round/Square/Flat), Plates, Lighting Poles, Guardrails, Sandwich Pannels, Perforated Plates, Expanded Sheets In various industries with complete steel solutions, we invite you to feel the added-values of colloborating with Odelya, dedicated to our commitments and perfection in terms of quality and timing, as we know where steel matters most! info:odelya@odelya.com


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