Basic Information

Karakoç A.Ş. has established in 1976 and started to have a business in the automotive industry by producing tooling. In 1987, it has started to produce cold formed sheet metal parts and eccentric press machines. Karakoç Kalıp Metal A.Ş. continues to produce high quality cold formed sheet metal parts for big companies such as Hyundai, Teknik Malzeme, Faurecia during producing machines and tooling. Today, automotive industry uses high grade sheet metal. KARAKOÇ A.Ş. produces appropriate machines for pressing, shaping this high grade sheet metal and working with high quantities. It can satisfy all needs in pres machines between 45 and 800 tones. In 2004 KARAKOÇ A.Ş. has added laser workbench to its production line. This laser workbench, that has high speed cutting ability and can work in 4 KW power, has especially premeditated for local material. This firm can produce high quality and low working cost laser workbench which can has minimum 2,5 KW maximun 6 KW power. KARAKOÇ A.Ş. , that has ISO/TS 16949/2002 quality certificate and high technology gives service to the automotive industry without compromising for customer saticfaction and quality with its 30 years experience


Automotive Main & Subsidiary Industry