Basic Information

JAKS Steel Industries (JSI) is a subsidiary of JAKS Resources Berhad, a Malaysian public company, listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. JAKS Resources Berhad was listed in 2004. A diversified company engaged in the construction industry. It is engaged is design, engineering and construction of infrastructure projects, primarily in water and wastewater treatment, including the delivery system for water supply. It is also engaged in manufacturing of steel pipes and fittings; with products for the domestic market as well as for export. Additionally, JAKS and its subsidiaries are also engaged in trading of steel products from China to the international markets, working closely with select strategic Chinese partner mills that are carefully vetted for quality product and performance. JAKS has a workforce of about 400 employees with its head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. JSI carbon steel pipe annual manufacturing capacity is appropriately 100,000 MT and annual fitting production capacity is about 6,000 MT. More information can be found on our website: 2. JSI is active in the Malaysia market and its surrounding South Asian region, the Middle-East region and North America. It is also carefully developing markets in Australia, Europe and South America. JSI is a buyer of hot rolled coils (Malaysia) and seamless pipes, in addition to the variety of steel products it trades in. As a seller, JSI is focused our manufactured products of carbon steel ERW pipes and butt weld fittings. JSI is a member of NASPD and more details on product offerings and steel materials can be found on our company profile on the NASPD website:


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