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Basic Information

Euramax Coated Products is one of the most diverse full range coil coaters in the world. Its two manufacturing plants are equipped with state of the art coil coating installations which enable us to supply the widest range of pre-coated coil- and sheet materials according to a one-stop-shopping concept. In direct line with its coil coating facilities, Euramax also offers you a full array of slitting, embossing, blanking and coil-forming operations. These in-house-solutions enable us to provide you with ready-to-use, tailor-made products in pre-coated aluminium and steel. Euramax has been manufacturing coil coated sheet material for over 40 years and offers a very high service level for its large range of premium coated products. A great number of customers in a variety of markets already benefit form the customer orientated partnership with Euramax.


Galvanizing Plant