Member Conduct Rules

1 -  Registration

  1. Applicants should accurately fill in all of the required fields on the membership application form.
  2. SteelOrbis may request supplementary information and documentation when necessary.
  3. SteelOrbis may verify references and other information with third parties.
  4. SteelOrbis will treat all information provided by members with strict confidentiality.
  5. SteelOrbis may reject membership applications where information and documentation provided by the applicant is not sufficient.

2 -  Content Usage

  1. We believe all price reports and analyses to be true but do not guarantee their accuracy, nor does SteelOrbis accept responsibility for decisions made based on these reports.
  2. All rights are reserved for the all articles, graphics and pictures included in SteelOrbis content. They cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission or without referring to their source. It is forbidden to create a link of SteelOrbis or use, duplicate and publish any information covered on the SteelOrbis site in another media or Internet site.


The SteelOrbis website, aforementioned rules and conditions are valid and will be applied according to the Republic of Turkey laws and regulations. All disputes arising out of the forementioned rules and conditions will be resolved in the courts of Istanbul and third party resolution is not applied.


SteelOrbis may review and update the member conduct rules if necessary. As these rules and conditions are binding, you are recommended to visit this page and update your version of the membership conduct rules and conditions.