About Our Investor

SteelOrbis owes its success to the experience and strength of iLab Holding, Turkey’s first internet-focused venture capital company. iLab Holding is part of Access Turkey Capital Group.

Founded by Mustafa E. Say in 1999, Access Turkey Capital Group is one of the most distinct and unique private investment firms in Turkey. Its operations are divided into four business units: hedge fund, venture capital, private equity, and real estate. Access Turkey’s investment approach is built on industry knowledge and the experience of a multi-disciplinary team of investment professionals. Each business unit’s unique investment philosophy and disciplined investment process produces a track record with exceptional returns.

iLab Holding was founded in April 2000, as Turkey’s first corporate venture capital company to invest in companies and projects operating in sectors with high-growth potential. Investing in internet-focused companies and projects, iLab Holding aims to assume an important role in Turkey’s technology-focused growth process.