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SteelOrbis provides the latest longs and billet prices and price trends via the longs and billet price reports and market analyses listed below. These longs and billet price reports are derived from actual longs and billet market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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Ex-Black Sea billet prices soften gradually amid negative mood in Turkey

Ex-Russia billet prices fall from recent highs amid softening bids, sellers resist

Ex-Black Sea billet prices rise but only in deals to Egypt

Global View on Billet: Market loses direction, though negative mood restrained

Ex-Black Sea billet market weakens amid limited firm bids and softer scrap prices

Ex-Russia billet prices relatively stable, competition grows

Free Global View on Billet: Is the market ready for declines?

Ex-Russia billet prices set to rise amid stronger scrap and tight supply, but market stuck for now

Ex-Russia billet sellers optimistic for post-holiday sales, though bids drop

Ex-Russia billet prices soften ahead of holidays due to drop in demand and lower bids

Ex-Russia billet prices rise in latest deals in Asia amid lack of cheaper options

Free Global View on Billet: Market uneven with some negative bias in Asia, but scrap still rising

Ex-Russia billet offer and deal prices rise with Turkish support, relatively limited availability

Ex-Russia billet offers up in Far East, but ex-Iran prices more competitive

Ex-Black Sea billet up in latest deals after scrap gains, further rise questionable

Free Global View on Billet: Uptrend in China brings optimism, Black Sea market lags behind

Turkey's longs attract interest again in EU against offers from North Africa and Asia

Ex-Black Sea billet falls again on lower bids, supply limited due to local sales in Russia

Free Global View on Billet: Most markets still moving down, outlook also dim

Turkey’s Kardemir trades billet at lower price, imports remain silent

Free Global View on Billet: Negative Asia, weak scrap weigh on billet market

Ex-Black Sea billet supply declines, only this supports prices

Free Global View on Billet: Hopes for a rebound, but will it materialize?

Ex-Black Sea billet sellers turn to Egypt as Turkey retreats from imports

Ex-Black Sea billet prices down amid negative mood in Turkey, stronger interest in alternative origins

Free Global View on Billet: Pessimism re-emerges everywhere, prices fall gradually

Gap between sanctioned billet prices and Asian origins narrows in SE Asia

Free Global View on Billet: Accelerating trade and export tax in Russia make suppliers more bullish

Billet market shows first reactions to export tax adoption in Russia

New deals for ex-Black Sea billet, upward and downward pressures unsuccessful

Trading in import billet market in SE Asia shows signs of improvement, prices slightly higher

Free Global View on Billet: Price hike attempts by some mills fail to result in deals

Ex-Russia billet sellers achieve earlier targets in a few deals

Ex-Black Sea billet sellers keep insisting on higher prices, number of bids from Turkey rises

Global View on Billet: Markets lack confidence for an increase, but bearish moods also diminish

Free Global View on Billet: Optimism strengthens this week, though negatives still exist in Asia

Ex-Russia billet offers in Turkey soar amid bullish moods, rising freights

Ex-Russia billet prices decline in Asia, in line with general trend

Global View on Billet: Asian market on the rise, though buyers resist and mood still weak in Turkey

Ex-Black Sea billet down slightly again, close to temporary bottom as allocation limited

Free Global View on Billet: Mood remains negative everywhere despite stable Chinese market

Risks for ex-Black Sea shipments surge after Russia exits grain deal, freight rates to rise

Ex-Russia billet exporters have to cut prices further amid falling bids in Turkey

Global View on Billet: Prices fall rapidly in Turkey, but fluctuate in limited range in Asia

Ex-Russia billet prices drop further with compensatory deals to Turkey

Global View on Billet: Downtrend accelerates, firm prices seen only in China

Global View on Billet: Negative bias emerges, but some exporters still insist on higher prices

Global View on Billet: Uptrend continues, prices in Asia rise at faster pace

Global View on Billet: Rapid fall in Asia, demand worries push down prices in most outlets

Ex-Russia billet pressured by tough competition with falling Asia, despite stable scrap

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