Tube and Pipe

SteelOrbis provides the latest tube and pipe prices via the daily tube and pipe price reports listed below. These tube and pipe price reports are derived from actual steel market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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30 Jul 14 Have US import line pipe prices finally started to creep up?
30 Jul 14 US OCTG market takes a breather
25 Jul 14 Italian welded pipe market to remain sluggish due to holiday season
25 Jul 14 Local Chinese steel pipe market characterized by overall slack activity
25 Jul 14 Import line pipe offers to the US
25 Jul 14 US domestic HSS market maintains status quo
24 Jul 14 Steel pipe prices in local Chinese market – week 30
24 Jul 14 No significant improvements in Indian welded pipe market
24 Jul 14 Demand for Bulgarian welded pipes softens due to summer holiday season
23 Jul 14 Low activity in seamless pipe market in Spain amid summer lull
23 Jul 14 Are price increases imminent for US import line pipe?
23 Jul 14 US OCTG trade case announcement continues to make waves
21 Jul 14 Activity remains sluggish in UAE seamless pipe market
21 Jul 14 Low demand in Turkish welded pipe market amid summer slowdown and Ramadan
18 Jul 14 Summer lull takes hold in Italian seamless pipe market
18 Jul 14 Tight liquidity and slow end-user demand in Chinese welded pipe market
18 Jul 14 Import line pipe offers to the US
17 Jul 14 Poor sentiment and slow activity in Chinese domestic steel pipe market
17 Jul 14 Slower welded pipe demand in Saudi Arabia due to Ramadan
17 Jul 14 Steel pipe prices in local Chinese market – week 29
17 Jul 14 US domestic standard pipe market quite amidst summer vacations
16 Jul 14 US OCTG market reacts to trade case margins
16 Jul 14 Cautious sentiment in Chinese domestic seamless pipe market
16 Jul 14 Indian ERW pipe offers to UK
16 Jul 14 Ex-Romania seamless pipe offers to Turkey
Disclaimer: Although the data in this publication have been taken from reliable sources, their integrity, accuracy and stability/constancy cannot be guaranteed. The data in this publication are not comprised of data gathered from transactions carried within the SteelOrbis system. Reports shall in no way be taken as a proposal for selling and buying. SteelOrbis assumes no responsibility from losses caused by using these data in commercial transactions. Please contact the Customer Relations Department for further questions.