Scrap & Raw Materials

SteelOrbis provides the latest scrap & raw materials prices and price trends via the scrap & raw materials price reports and market analyses listed below. These scrap & raw materials price reports are derived from actual scrap & raw materials market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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16 Jan 17 Global iron ore prices move up amid news of further output cuts at Chinese mills
16 Jan 17 Daily iron ore prices - January 16, 2017
16 Jan 17 Prices still unsettled in local Italian scrap market
16 Jan 17 Carbon and stainless scrap prices in Taiwanese domestic market - week 3
16 Jan 17 Ex-US scrap deal to South Korea
13 Jan 17 Brazilian niobium prices to sustain until March
13 Jan 17 How will US domestic scrap trend in February?
13 Jan 17 Indian iron ore fines export offers edge up amid uncertain short-term trend
13 Jan 17 Weekly coking coal prices - week 2
13 Jan 17 Molybdenum and ferromolybdenum prices in China - week 2
13 Jan 17 Local pig iron prices in China - week 2
13 Jan 17 Weekly chrome ore and ferrochrome prices - week 2
13 Jan 17 Australian coking coal export offers
13 Jan 17 Daily iron ore prices - January 13, 2017
13 Jan 17 Latest situation in local Chinese coke market
13 Jan 17 Turkish steel producers seek to purchase low-priced short sea scrap
13 Jan 17 Ex-Baltic scrap deal in Turkey
12 Jan 17 Diverse price movements in Chinese iron ore market
12 Jan 17 Turkish domestic scrap purchase quotations - week 2
12 Jan 17 Daily iron ore prices - January 12, 2017
12 Jan 17 Ex-Europe scrap deal in Turkey
11 Jan 17 Local Italian scrap prices move up after holidays
11 Jan 17 US imported pig iron prices stable, market quiet
11 Jan 17 Ex-Europe scrap booking
11 Jan 17 Ex-Baltic scrap deal


Disclaimer: Although the data in this publication have been taken from reliable sources, their integrity, accuracy and stability/constancy cannot be guaranteed. The data in this publication are not comprised of data gathered from transactions carried within the SteelOrbis system. Reports shall in no way be taken as a proposal for selling and buying. SteelOrbis assumes no responsibility from losses caused by using these data in commercial transactions. Please contact the Customer Relations Department for further questions.