Orbis Steel INDEX

As the most reliable steel index, the Orbis Steel Index presents weekly indices for:
USEC (United States East Coast) Shredded Scrap Export Index and HMS I/II scrap export index
China: CRC export index, rebar export index, wire rod export index, rebar domestic market index, wire rod domestic market index and HRC export index
Black Sea : HRC Export Index
Turkey: Index, Rebar Index, Scrap Index, CRC Index and HDG Index
Through the Orbis Steel Index you will:
  • Grasp a clear picture of global steel markets
  • Follow seasonal steel market trends
  • Gain the ability to submit the most realistic and competitive price quotations
  • Confirm the reliability of your vendors’ raw materials prices, ferrous scrap prices and steel prices
  • Look back at past steel prices and trends
  • Make the most optimum forecasts regarding future steel prices

Methodology and Specifications

Orbis Steel INDEX Week-on-Week
-1.13% Specs
-4.66% Specs
-4.79% Specs
0% Specs
-0.27% Specs
-1.08% Specs
0% Specs
0% Specs
0% Specs
-1.81% Specs
-0.67% Specs
-0.21% Specs
0% Specs
0% Specs