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Raw Material Suppliers
SteelOrbis offers the largest and the most comprehensive online raw material supplier database, including iron foundries, mines, and scrap yards in over 150 countries.
Manufacturers and Producers
SteelOrbis provides the largest and the most comprehensive online steel manufacturer & producer database, including integrated production plants, mini mills, and rolling mills in over 150 countries.
Processors and End-users
SteelOrbis offers the largest and the most comprehensive online steel processor & end-user database, including machine manufacturers, galvanizing plants, nail producers, fabricators, nuts and bolts, service centers, ship builders, white goods producers, and construction companies in over 150 countries.
Traders and Merchants
SteelOrbis provides the most comprehensive online steel trader & merchant database, including steel importers, exporters, local distributors and pipe distributors in over 150 countries.
Turnkey Rolling & Steel Mill
SteelOrbis offers the largest and the most comprehensive online turnkey rolling & steel mill database, including turnkey rolling & steel mill in over 150 countries.