Thailand electric industry asks surcharge to be ceased

Monday, 03 June 2002 17:25:00 (GMT+3)   -  
SteelOrbis News

The electric and electronics industry asked for the tariffs to be cancelled instead of extended as they claim that they have to pay higher prices for the raw materials. They complain that the 25% surcharge on imported hot and cold rolled steel and 15% on stainless steel effected them negatively. The price increase expected on local steel is 33% more that inthe pre-surchrarge period. On the other hand the local steel producers insist that dumped prices for imports from Russia, Poland and South Korea have been injuring the domestic market. Newin Chidchob emphasized that even though the local steel producers have been badly influenced by the steel dumping arising from the increase in the global output, government should also take care of the other declining industries. According to authorities, even though the government intends to rxtend the surcharge period same would not be appropriate is it would violate the WTO rules.

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