EU producers to file for AD cases on certain products

Wednesday, 09 October 2002 09:32:00 (GMT+3)   -  
SteelOrbis News

According to reports from the industry, European producers are preparing an anti-dumping case on imports of heavy sections, targeting mainly Poland, the Czech Republic and Korea. Sources from the industry state that imports of the mentioned product from countries have increased in the recent months, together with a price disruption, especially by the imports from Poland. According to reports, last year's domestic market share of the local producers was down to 50% from 73% share of the previous two years. Furthermore, regarding the definitive safeguard measures implemented by the EU, the Germany Steel Federation expressed its strong belief that the three products, namely quarto plate, tin plate and rebar, currently being investigated will soon be included in the scope of these measures. European steelmakers confederation Eurofer is preparing to execute anti-dumping cases on rebar if this product is not included in the safeguard measures.

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