China issues iron ore import licenses for 84.9165 million mt in Feb

The China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) has announced that in February this year China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) issued iron ore import licenses for a total of 84.9165 million mt, down 41.41 percent month on month, valued at $3.852 billion.
In February this year, the iron ore import licenses issued by China for Australian and Brazilian iron ore amounted to 55.0179 million mt and 16.3522 million mt respectively, down 38.20 percent and decreasing by 51.87 percent month on month, with respective values of $2.423 billion and $891 million.
Licenses issued for imports of South African iron ore in February this year amounted to 4.1182 million mt, down 19.66 percent month on month, valued at $185 million, while licenses issued for iron ore from other countries amounted to 6.8366 million mt, valued at $264 million.

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