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06 Sep 18 Steel News Pakistan starts AD duty probe on tinplate imports from China, EU, S. Africa, US
15 Jun 18 Steel News India to impose tariffs on 20 US products
14 Jun 17 Steel News Pakistan initiates AD duty probe on color-coated sheet imports from China, S. Africa
23 Feb 16 Steel News Taiwan starts AD investigation on hot rolled plate from six countries
23 Feb 16 Steel News Taiwan starts AD probe on certain galvanized flat steel from China, Korea
06 Jul 15 Steel News POSCO produces 800 millionth metric ton of steel
05 Feb 15 Steel News Malaysia terminates rebar AD probe for China and South Korea
14 Jan 15 Steel News Pakistan imposes import duty on certain steel products
12 Jun 14 Steel News Pakistan imposes 10 percent import duty on silicon and alloy flat steel
13 Jun 13 Steel News Bangladesh mulls increasing import duty on steel billets
04 Oct 12 Steel News CITT compels info from importers of welded standard pipe
28 Sep 12 Steel News Government rules Brazil’s industry unharmed by flat rolled steel imports
03 Sep 12 Steel News WTO to investigate US duties on Indian flat rolled
15 Aug 12 Steel News CBSA sets duties on pipe from seven countries
14 Aug 12 Steel News EU starts AD investigation for stainless steel wire imports from India
10 Aug 12 Steel News US DOC makes determinations in cases against stainless bar and carbon plate
31 Jul 12 Steel News CIIT finds dumping of standard pipe from seven countries
20 Jul 12 Steel News US rules to maintain duties on standard pipe from seven countries
18 Jul 12 Steel News US DOC decides to maintain duties on stainless bar from four countries
16 Jul 12 Steel News CITT finds injury of welded pipe from seven countries
09 Jul 12 Steel News India launches AD investigation of ex-China 300 series HR stainless steel
04 Jul 12 Steel News US DOC increases dumping margins on stainless bar from India
15 Jun 12 Steel News US AD orders on pipe from seven countries to continue
30 May 12 Steel News Canada releases details of AD/CVD case on welded steel pipe
25 May 12 Steel News US DOC sets preliminary duties on welded pipe from four countries
15 May 12 Steel News Dumping of welded pipe in Canada goes under review
18 Apr 12 Steel News Iron ore imports at Jiangyin port decline in Q1
12 Apr 12 Steel News Indian government may challenge US duties on steel pipe
04 Apr 12 Steel News Indonesia considers 50 percent mining export tax in 2013
03 Apr 12 Steel News Carbon plate and stainless bar up for US DOC review
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