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29 Dec 17 Steel News Japan imposes provisional AD duty on pipe fittings from S. Korea, China
04 Dec 17 Steel News Australia starts exemption inquiry for hot rolled plate imports
27 Nov 17 Steel News Australia initiates AD review on hot rolled coil imports from four countries
16 Nov 17 Steel News Mexico opens AD probe on imports of Italian and Japanese steel plates
17 May 17 Steel News US DOC issues final AD/CVD margins for rebar from Turkey and Japan
03 Mar 17 Steel News US ITC ends AD duty on certain light gauge cold rolled flat steel from Japan
01 Mar 17 Steel News US DOC announces preliminary AD margins in rebar trade case
23 Jan 17 Steel News Japan and Taiwan file for WTO consultations against Indian trade measures
31 Oct 16 Steel News Mexico ends CVD probe, extends duties over Japanese seamless tubes
13 Oct 16 Steel News US issues alleged dumping margins on rebar from Japan, Taiwan, Turkey
22 Sep 16 Steel News Canada issues final AD/CVD margins on certain welded LD line pipe from China, Japan
20 Sep 16 Steel News US rebar coalition files AD/CVD petition against imports from Turkey, Japan and Taiwan
24 Aug 16 Steel News China terminates AD duty on stainless seamless pipes from EU and Japan
26 Jul 16 Steel News JISF: Chinese AD duty on GOES imports is unjust
28 Jun 16 Steel News China and Japan state their opposition to US trade protectionism
23 Jun 16 Steel News Canada issues preliminary duties on certain welded LD line pipe from China, Japan
20 Jun 16 Steel News China reinvestigates stainless tube from EU and Japan disregarding WTO decision
18 May 16 Steel News US affirms dumping and subsidy margins for Chinese and Japanese CRC
20 Apr 16 Steel News Turkey ends AD probe on HR flat steel imports from seven countries
15 May 15 Steel News Turkish steel industry discusses hot rolled steel duty investigation
29 Apr 15 Steel News EU to impose AD duty on electrical steel imports from five countries
28 Apr 15 Steel News Malaysia starts AD duty probe on CR stainless and coated steel imports
16 Feb 15 Steel News China to remove AD duty for stainless steel pipe imports from EU and Japan
28 Jan 15 Steel News Turkey launches AD duty investigation on certain HR flat steel imports
21 Nov 14 Steel News Australia imposes AD duty on certain hot rolled structural section imports
18 Nov 14 Steel News US DOC issues new AD duty to Sumitomo in pipe case review
07 Nov 14 Steel News US ITC makes final affirmative determinations in NOES case
05 Nov 14 Steel News Australia imposes AD duty on quenched and tempered steel plate imports
04 Sep 14 Steel News Australia postpones final results on HR structural steel section AD duty
28 Aug 14 Steel News Australia revises provisional AD duties on certain steel plates
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