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08 Nov 17 Steel News Alacero: China’s scrap supply will increase dramatically by 2025
03 Nov 17 Steel News Yusuf Güven: Electrode shortage unlikely to cause further drop in scrap prices
02 Nov 17 Steel News Murat Eryılmaz: Turkey's crude steel output to exceed 36 million mt in 2017
20 Oct 17 Steel News BIR: More balanced scrap market expected for remainder of year
26 Sep 17 Steel News Raw Material Suppliers at IREPAS: Solid increase in scrap demand so far in 2017
27 Sep 16 Steel News Raw Material Suppliers at IREPAS: Scrap demand will return within a few months
11 Apr 16 Steel News Eric Louvert at IREPAS: Semi-finished steel purchases increase amid uncompetitive scrap ...
19 Nov 15 Steel News Murat Demirci: Producers cannot make profits despite low iron ore prices
11 Nov 15 Steel News Alacero: Argentina’s Ternium Siderar to decline crude steel production due to furnace ...
07 Oct 15 Steel News Raw Material Suppliers at IREPAS: Scrap prices have not bottomed out yet
19 Feb 15 Steel News MMK enhances its relationship with its suppliers
28 Nov 14 Steel News Plummer: Iron ore price to decline to $65/mt in 2015
28 Nov 14 Steel News Erdemir: Iron ore price trend to determine future iron ore consumption
27 Nov 14 Steel News Brazilian steel institute unveils pessimistic expectations for the year
22 Aug 14 Steel News CISA: China’s crude steel output to reach 830 million mt in 2014
21 Apr 14 Steel News MMAC: Chinese iron ore demand may rise by 3-4% over the long term
02 Apr 14 Steel News Bhaskar Dutta at IREPAS: Higher steelmaking capacity in MENA reduces import demand
01 Apr 14 Steel News Scrap suppliers at IREPAS: Strong local demand curbs scrap exports
20 Feb 14 Steel News Marcegaglia: Sale of Ilva does not seem likely
02 Dec 13 Steel News Erdemir expects no significant drop in iron ore prices in short term
24 Sep 13 Steel News Veysel Yayan at IREPAS: Turkish scrap imports to hit about 20 million mt in 2013
24 Sep 13 Steel News Scrap suppliers at IREPAS: Scrap prices currently as low as can be managed
19 Jun 13 Steel News Can natural gas and DRI propel the US steel industry into the future?
23 May 13 Steel News Sukru Celik: Turkey is a crucial destination for EU scrap exports
05 Mar 13 Steel News IREPAS meeting: Slower Chinese steel demand due to huge post-2008 incentives
05 Mar 13 Steel News IREPAS raw materials: Scrap consumption is on the rise
05 Mar 13 Steel News IREPAS billet suppliers’ committee: Scrap prices not expected to decline
05 Mar 13 Steel News SABIC at IREPAS: Stability expected in long steel markets in 2013 and 2014
05 Mar 13 Steel News Speakers at Port of Tampa Steel Conference offer valuable predictions for 2013
12 Dec 12 Steel News OECD: Large integrated companies need to move toward DRI usage
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