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18 Sep 18 Steel News IREPAS: Raw material suppliers enjoying strong scrap demand
22 Aug 18 Steel News Brazilian steelmakers to appeal Supreme Court over export program
27 Jun 18 Steel News Ark of China CEO: Graphite electrode prices expected to maintain high levels
27 Jun 18 Steel News DJJ: China not expected to participate in scrap export markets in the near future
08 May 18 Steel News Traders at IREPAS: Chinese exports will be modest, if not absolutely absent
08 May 18 Steel News Raw Material Suppliers at IREPAS: Chinese scrap exports not a long-term threat
19 Apr 18 Steel News ISRI: Some Chinese scrap processing facilities moving to other ASEAN countries
16 Apr 18 Steel News ISRI: Bangladesh steel production expected to double by 2022
16 Apr 18 Steel News ISRI: Building partnerships to educate consumers on sustainability
16 Apr 18 Steel News ISRI: Transportation a continuing challenge for the US domestic scrap market
08 Nov 17 Steel News Alacero: China’s scrap supply will increase dramatically by 2025
03 Nov 17 Steel News Yusuf Güven: Electrode shortage unlikely to cause further drop in scrap prices
02 Nov 17 Steel News Murat Eryılmaz: Turkey's crude steel output to exceed 36 million mt in 2017
20 Oct 17 Steel News BIR: More balanced scrap market expected for remainder of year
26 Sep 17 Steel News Raw Material Suppliers at IREPAS: Solid increase in scrap demand so far in 2017
27 Sep 16 Steel News Raw Material Suppliers at IREPAS: Scrap demand will return within a few months
11 Apr 16 Steel News Eric Louvert at IREPAS: Semi-finished steel purchases increase amid uncompetitive scrap ...
19 Nov 15 Steel News Murat Demirci: Producers cannot make profits despite low iron ore prices
11 Nov 15 Steel News Alacero: Argentina’s Ternium Siderar to decline crude steel production due to furnace ...
07 Oct 15 Steel News Raw Material Suppliers at IREPAS: Scrap prices have not bottomed out yet
19 Feb 15 Steel News MMK enhances its relationship with its suppliers
28 Nov 14 Steel News Plummer: Iron ore price to decline to $65/mt in 2015
28 Nov 14 Steel News Erdemir: Iron ore price trend to determine future iron ore consumption
27 Nov 14 Steel News Brazilian steel institute unveils pessimistic expectations for the year
22 Aug 14 Steel News CISA: China’s crude steel output to reach 830 million mt in 2014
21 Apr 14 Steel News MMAC: Chinese iron ore demand may rise by 3-4% over the long term
02 Apr 14 Steel News Bhaskar Dutta at IREPAS: Higher steelmaking capacity in MENA reduces import demand
01 Apr 14 Steel News Scrap suppliers at IREPAS: Strong local demand curbs scrap exports
20 Feb 14 Steel News Marcegaglia: Sale of Ilva does not seem likely
02 Dec 13 Steel News Erdemir expects no significant drop in iron ore prices in short term
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