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10 Oct 13 Longs and Billet Ex-CIS wire rod offers
27 May 10 Longs and Billet Import wire rod offers to Serbia
23 Mar 10 Longs and Billet Local and imported wire rod prices in Romania
03 Feb 10 Longs and Billet Ex-CIS mesh quality wire rod offers to Romania
05 Dec 08 Longs and Billet Turkish wire rod players race against time ahead of holiday period
28 Nov 08 Longs and Billet Is the Turkish wire rod market again becoming a “buyer’s market”?
31 Oct 08 Longs and Billet Will producers be able to turn back the tide of the “buyers’ market” in Turkey’s wire rod ...
17 Oct 08 Longs and Billet Will Turkish WR producers succeed in wakening dormant demand?
22 Aug 08 Longs and Billet In Europe’s absence, the Turkish WR market also remains quiet
15 Aug 08 Longs and Billet Turkish WR market remains quiet as waiting game continues
18 Jul 08 Longs and Billet Traders’ influence grows in the Turkish WR market
11 Jul 08 Longs and Billet Slight slackening in European WR markets due to upcoming holidays
25 Apr 08 Longs and Billet Despite weak consumption, further increases expected in European rebar market in May
28 Mar 08 Longs and Billet European & Mediterranean rebar markets rise on back of international markets
22 Feb 08 Longs and Billet Rebar booms in Turkey and the Middle East
09 Jan 08 Longs and Billet US wire rod market - Domestic expectations rise as scrap and import prices rally upward
01 Nov 06 Flats and Slab Ilyich CR offers to CIS market
24 Aug 06 Longs and Billet US rebar market - Growing inventories drag down import pricing
23 Jan 06 Tube and Pipe Billets ex-Moldova
18 Jan 05 Longs and Billet Latest Moldovan offers of rebar
01 Jun 04 Tube and Pipe Billet offers ex-Moldova
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