Scrap import offers to Bangladesh tick down

Thursday, 17 January 2019 01:06:17 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

On January 3, SteelOrbis reported scrap offers from the EU and UK to Bangladesh at $340-345/mt CFR and containerized HMS I/II 80:20 at $320-330/mt CFR.

Sources inform SteelOrbis that over the past two weeks, average scrap prices from various origins have shifted down to $330/mt CFR on containerized shredded scrap and $315/mt CFR on containerized HMS I/II 80:20. The average price includes various source countries including the EU, US, Middle East, Africa and other regional suppliers.

Ex-EU and ex-UK have reportedly shifted down to $335-340/mt CFR, while HMS I/II 80:20 offers are reportedly at $320-325/mt CFR. The shredded scrap range declined $5/mt while HMS I/II 80:20 narrowed down $5/mt from the top of the previous range. A source noted that with local scrap prices beginning to trend up, import scrap offers may gain support.

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