Japan’s Tokyo Steel begins to increase scrap buying prices

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 23:05:52 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

Sources inform SteelOrbis that Tokyo Steel recently increased scrap buying prices at the Utsunomiya plant. On June 27, SteelOrbis reported Tokyo Steel scrap buying prices at Okayama at JPY 26,000/mt ($241/mt), the Tahara site at JPY 26,500/mt ($246/mt), and the Utsunomiya site at JPY 26,500/mt ($246/mt), all prices delivered to customer.

According to updated information, Tokyo Steel decreased scrap buying prices on July 5 prices at Okayama to JPY 25,500/mt ($235/mt), at Tahara site to JPY 26,200/mt ($241/mt), and at Utsunomiya site to JPY 26,200/mt ($241/mt), all prices delivered to customer.

Prices at the Okayama and Tahara sites remain stable at around JPY 25,500/mt ($236/mt) and JPY 26,200 ($242/mt), respectively, but have increased at the Utsunomiya plant to about JPY 26,900/mt ($248/mt), all prices delivered to customer. Compared to early July, prices at Okayama and Tahara increased $1/mt while scrap buying prices at Utsunomiya increased about $7/mt.

USD = JPY 107.79 (Jun 27)

USD = JPY 108.56 (Jul 5)

USD = JPY 108.28 (Jul 23)

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