Scrap & Raw Materials

SteelOrbis provides the latest scrap & raw materials prices and price trends via the scrap & raw materials price reports and market analyses listed below. These scrap & raw materials price reports are derived from actual scrap & raw materials market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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Indian pellet export prices surge, uncertainty remains over possible iron ore export ban

Ex-Japan scrap export prices rise as stronger local demand attracts volumes

Iron ore prices surge closer to $140/mt CFR amid supply issues, demand

Import shredded scrap prices in Pakistan keep climbing

India’s NMDC hikes domestic iron ore prices for December deliveries

US scrap prices shooting upward in this month's buy cycle

US East coast dock delivered prices for HMS I/II 80:20 still climbing

Ex-CIS BPI prices hold steady, new booking done to US

Local Turkish scrap prices revised upwards again

Significant price increase in Turkish ship scrap market

Import scrap prices in India surge unabated, premiums rise in local market

Ex-Russia scrap price reaches new high in deal to S. Korea

Prime grade scrap prices in Turkey rise further in ex-St. Petersburg deal

Brazilian iron ore prices reach highest level in recent years

Daily iron ore prices CFR China – December 1, 2020

Sharp rise in ex-Brazil BPI prices in new booking

Local Turkish scrap market moves up sharply

Chinese manganese ore prices mostly stable, some slight downticks also

Scrap prices in Bangladesh keep rising due to shortage

Daily iron ore prices CFR China - November 30, 2020

Silicomanganese prices in local Chinese market - week 49

Exporters and mills in Russia raise their scrap purchase prices again

Tokyo Steel raises scrap purchase prices for all its plants

Local Turkish scrap market continues its uptrend

One Turkish mill increases its ship scrap purchase quotations

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