Wire rod prices in Taiwanese domestic market - week 26

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 11:47:30 (GMT+3)   |   Taichung

Wire rod prices in the local Taiwanese steel market are at the following levels:



Weekly change (NTD/mt)

Low carbon 5.5-12 mm

NTD 19,000-20,000/mt ($610-642/mt)


Medium carbon 5.5-12 mm

NTD 23,000-24,000/mt ($739-771/mt)


High carbon 5.5-12 mm

NTD 23,000-24,000/mt ($739-771/mt)


Low alloyed 5.5-12 mm

NTD 25,500-26,500/mt ($819-851/mt)


CHQ 5.5-32 mm

NTD 25,400-25,900/mt ($816-832/mt)


The above prices include five percent VAT, are for delivery to customer, and are for late July shipments.

$1 = NTD 31.13



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