Longs and Billet

SteelOrbis provides the latest longs and billet prices and price trends via the longs and billet price reports and market analyses listed below. These longs and billet price reports are derived from actual longs and billet market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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Import rebar prices in SE Asia up despite poor demand, following earlier billet rise

Global View on Billet: Major exporters increase actlivity though China’s demand slows

CIS billet exporters keep focus on China despite deterioration there

Ex-India billet prices retreat, more tenders launched

SE Asian billet buyers remain cautious, prices rise further

Turkey becomes more active in billet exports, imports at a standstill

Ex-Iran billet suppliers try to raise prices further amid developments in China

Indian billet exporters raise prices, trades limited by lead times, not high enough bids

Sharp drop in rebar futures cools China’s billet market

ASEAN suppliers keep raising billet prices for China, long voyages hamper trade

Chinese domestic steel section prices increase

Global View on Billet: China rules the market with deal prices surging by $30/mt this week

GCC-based billet sellers focus on exports, local market in a lull

Ex-CIS billet prices move up amid higher deal prices to China

Ex-India billet prices surge in latest tender amid better outlook in China

Billet trade revives slightly in Turkey, but pricing still low

Import billet prices for China up further amid surging futures, Jiangsu output controls

Billet prices to SE Asia rise, but tradable level still below $700/mt CFR

Turkey's Kardemir closes its billet sales after selling around 40,000 mt

Ex-Iran billet prices rise gradually

Ex-CIS billet prices supported by distant markets, pressure from Turkey persists

Indian billet exports more active due to China, but after price adjustment

Shorter billet supply in China underpins imports, deal prices hit $700/mt CFR

Chinese domestic steel section prices rise slightly

China’s billet prices up to near $700/mt CFR as output cuts to last until mid-March 2022

Ex-CIS billet trade silent as buyers watch and mills refrain from discounts

Wire rod prices in Asia to increase, following latest decline

150 mm billet prices stronger in China, 125-130 mm prices weak amid poor demand in SE Asia

Ex-Brazil billet deal reported to China at much lower price

SE Asia’s billet demand eases as buyers struggle to accept higher prices

Indian billet export activity revives slightly amid Chinese buying

Iranian billet exporters return to market

Rise in import billet prices in Asia confirmed in fresh deals

Bids for import billet in China rise further

Iran’s billet exports still inactive

Billet prices decline in Turkey

Billet prices in SE Asia up as demand rises, further trend to depend on China

Turkish Kardemir opens billet sales after long break, then closes them

Ex-CIS billet drops close to $600/mt FOB

China restarts ex-ASEAN billet purchases amid warmer sentiments

Indian mills have to cancel billet export tenders due to China’s downturn

Billet prices in China gradually improve, but imports still slow

Chinese domestic steel section prices decrease

Billet trade silent in GCC region due to weaker long prices

Situation in SE Asian billet market worsens again, prices approach $650/mt CFR

Ex-India billet sales and prices down due to falling bids, vessel quarantine in China

China’s import billet prices sliding rapidly, limited deals only early this week

Ex-CIS billet prices fall further, mills focus mainly on Latin America

Domestic and import billet prices in Turkey decline

Local Indian rebar prices stable, but more mills cutting production

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