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SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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Global View on HRC: Prices soften in most regions, mood still mainly pessimistic for next round

Vietnam books ex-Taiwan HRC at lower prices, outlook still bearish

Vietnam’s Hoa Phat cuts HRC prices by $20/mt, lower import prices expected

Formosa cuts HRC prices by $45/mt in Vietnam, but buyers count on discounts

No official HRC offers from Formosa for October deliveries, customers bearish

New HRC suppliers emerge with offers in Vietnam, prices recover slightly in new deals

Global View on HRC: Most regions seek clarity on further price trends, business still dull

Vietnam’s import HRC market increases amid changing ex-China offers

Global View on HRC: Buyers’ pessimism in most regions still affect producers’ prices

HRC import activity still slow in Vietnam, buyers expect further discounts

Hoa Phat cuts local HRC prices in Vietnam as demand and import prices fall

Import HRC prices tumble by $40/mt in Vietnam due to China’s slump

Formosa cuts HRC prices in Vietnam amid poor demand, falling import prices

Global HRC View: Decline continues for now driven by fall in Asia, but global mood slightly better

HRC import activity slows in Vietnam, prices fall further

Lower-priced HRC deals in Vietnam despite positive news from China

Global View on HRC: Asia still leading the race in price decreases

Hoa Phat revises down local HRC prices, import offers still on the wane

Global View on HRC: Recent price drop in Asia to put additional pressure on other markets globally

Formosa cut HRC price for second time in row, import prices in Vietnam down $25-30/mt

Formosa cuts HRC prices by $100/mt in Vietnam due to weakness in China

Vietnam’s import HRC market declines amid changing ex-China offers

HRC prices in Vietnam up further on ex-China gains, despite lower offers from Russia, India

Hoa Phat revises local HRC prices for second time in row, import market in lull

HRC deal prices fall again in Vietnam, outlook still bearish

Hoa Phat’s new local HRC prices $65-70/mt lower than Formosa’s prices

Formosa Ha Tihn cuts HRC prices by $95/mt in Vietnam, Chinese HRC still more attractive

Import HRC prices slump in Vietnam, sentiments still bearish

Offers for HRC in Vietnam slightly recover after holiday on better sentiments in China

Import HRC prices in Vietnam plunge due to ex-China offers

HRC deal prices fall again in Vietnam, outlook still bearish

HRC price hike by Vietnam’s Hoa Phat lower than expected amid import pressure

Formosa Ha Tinh hikes local HRC prices in Vietnam despite big pressure from Chinese suppliers

Vietnamese HRC market has room for further rise, higher local prices awaited

Ex-CIS HRC deals appear in Vietnam and some other countries at attractive prices

Fresh ex-China HRC deals push prices up further in Vietnam

HRC import prices up further in Vietnam, buyers more focused on local materials

Hoa Phat hikes local prices in Vietnam, following Formosa

Formosa announces $90/mt hike in local HRC prices in Vietnam

Chinese traders cut HRC offers for Vietnam, move by local mills awaited

Chinese suppliers target rises in Vietnamese HRC market, move by local mills awaited

Vietnamese HRC importers book over 100,000 mt at higher prices, mainly ex-China

Import HRC offers from Chinese traders for Vietnam up sharply

Suppliers keep HRC import prices high for Vietnam, buyers lower bids for ex-China position cargoes

Hoa Phat hikes local HRC prices in Vietnam by over $90/mt

Formosa announces $90/mt hike in HRC prices in Vietnam, import prices seek direction

Gap widens in Vietnam’s import HRC market between mills’ prices and traders’ deal prices

Offers for HRC in Vietnam up sharply after holiday with further room to rise

Uptrend gathers pace in Vietnam's HRC market, new deals expected at above $800/mt CFR

Suppliers aggressive in pushing HRC import prices in Vietnam

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