US HDG spot market firms slightly after last week’s increase

Monday, 25 February 2019 21:36:29 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

US domestic flat rolled steel mills last week pushed out their second $2.00 cwt. ($44/mt or $40/nt) price increase in the span of 30 days, and it looks as if the second price increase may help force the first into acceptance.

“The big discounts are gone, that’s for sure,” a source said. “Prices have started to climb but we’re still not convinced that the mills are going to push both increases through.”

Also of note is the belief that US scrap prices will firm during the March buy-cycle. As such, SteelOrbis believes the price momentum for coated steel products is now pointing upward.

Current US HDG spot market prices are listed in the chart below.

EX-Mill Cwt. Metric Ton (mt) Net ton (nt) Change from last week
US domestic HDG base price $40-$42 $882-$926 $800-$840 up $1.00 cwt. 
US domestic Galvalume base price $40-$42 $882-$926 $800-$840 up $1.00 cwt. 
0.019x41.5625 Gr80/AZ55 $50-$52 $1,102-$1,146 $1,000-$1,040 up $1.00 cwt. 

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