Flats and Slab

SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

Start Date
End Date

Russia’s Severstal starts and advances in export HRC sales for March production

Russia’s Severstal closes January HRC export sales, starts trade for February

Russia close to being sold out for January HRC export volumes

Russia’s Severstal announces export offers for January production

Russia’s Severstal successfully closes its December HRC export sales

Russia’s Severstal starts December HRC sales, raises prices

Russia’s Severstal closes its November export sales for slabs and HRC

Severstal’s HRC export prices hit by higher freight, weaker euro

Russia’s Severstal decreases HRC prices for EU as trade remains challenging

CIS-based HRC exporters expand geographical range of sales

Domestic flats prices collapse in Russia

CIS-based HRC exporters face challenging market, but still able to sell

Ex-CIS HRC deal price range widens, outlook unclear

Local flats prices announced in Russia, mostly increase

Severstal almost sold out for July production HRC

CIS-based HRC mills gradually start July production export sales

Russia almost sold out for June HRC, local offers soar

Ex-CIS slab prices surge in deals and offers

Ex-CIS HRC prices climb in new offers and deals

Russia achieves higher HRC export deal prices, local offers rise too

Russia’s HRC mills still bullish in local and export offers

Russian HRC producers raise export prices, target local hikes also

Russia achieves new high in HRC sales to Europe, mills optimistic

Disclaimer: Although the data in this publication have been taken from reliable sources, their integrity, accuracy and stability/constancy cannot be guaranteed. The data in this publication are not comprised of data gathered from transactions carried within the SteelOrbis system. Reports shall in no way be taken as a proposal for selling and buying. SteelOrbis assumes no responsibility from losses caused by using these data in commercial transactions. Please contact the Customer Relations Department for further questions.