Vale fails to obtain certification for 17 dams, maintains sales forecast

Monday, 01 April 2019 22:35:12 (GMT+3)   |   Sao Paulo

Brazilian iron ore producer and miner Vale said on Monday all of its inactive upstream dams failed to get a stability condition certificate (DCE). It said several other dams were also denied a stability certificate.

The following inactive upstream dams were denied a stability certificate: Sul Superior dam at Vale’s Gongo Soco mine, B3/B4 dam (Mar Azul mine), Vargem Grande dam (Vargem Grande mining complex), Forquilha I, Forquilha II, Forquilha III, and Grupo dams (Fábrica mining complex).

Additionally, nine other dams failed to get the certificate. The following dams were shut down, with no need to evacuate local communities.

The dams include the Dique Auxiliar da Barragem 5 dam (Águas Claras mine), Capitão do Mato dam (Capitão do Mato mine), Maravilhas II dam (Vargem Grande mining complex), Taquaras dike (Mar Azul mine), Marés II dam (Fábrica mining complex), Campo Grande dam (Alegria mine), Doutor dam (Timbopeba mine), Dique 02 dam systems at Pontal (Itabira mining complex), and Barragem VI dam (Córrego do Feijão mine).

Vale said the shutdown of the uncompliant dams does not affect its forecast to sell between 307 and 332 million mt/year of both iron ore and pellets in 2019. Additionally, Vale said it obtained a stability certificate for 80 other iron ore dams.

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