US, Brazil, Argentina and Spain will not recognize Maduro's re-election in Venezuela

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 21:59:27 (GMT+3)   |   Sao Paulo

The US, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Spain are among several countries which will not recognize Nicolas Maduro’s re-election as Venezuela’s president.

Maduro was re-elected amidst voting boycotts from the nation’s opposition due to the fact that two of its most popular leaders were barred from running; the election board is run by Maduro loyalists.

The Lima Group, which includes Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, announced they do not recognize the “legitimacy” of the Venezuelan elections.

The Lima Group is a multilateral body established following the Lima Declaration in August 2017 in the Peruvian capital of Lima to establish a peaceful exit to the crisis in Venezuela.

Brazil said in a statement, also signed by the Lima Group, the Venezuelan elections did not follow the international standards of a free, transparent, fair and democratic process. Brazil said the Lima Group agreed to reduce its foreign trade relations with Venezuela, and group members will call consultations in Caracas to express the nations’ concerns.

The US has also “condemned” what it called a “fraudulent election” on May 20.

“This so-called ‘election’ is an attack on constitutional order and an affront to Venezuela’s tradition of democracy. Until the Maduro regime restores a democratic path in Venezuela through free, fair, and transparent elections, the government faces isolation from the international community,” the US Department of State said in a statement Monday.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Venezuelan elections lacked the equal participation of all political parties and politicians. It also lacked impartiality, a viable election calendar, as well as the international technical criteria which is required by the international standards.

Spain said there are about 200,00 Spanish citizens living in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a major producer of HBI. It also producers iron ore and steel through state-owned companies.


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