Turkey’s apparent steel usage per capita falls to six-year low in 2018

Monday, 17 June 2019 13:41:27 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

According to the World Steel in Figures 2019 report issued by the World Steel Association (worldsteel), in 2018 Turkey ranked eighth among largest 50 steel producing countries with 37.3 million mt of steel production. In the given year, ArcelorMittal was the top steel producer with 96.4 million mt among the world’s largest 50 steel producers, while Turkish integrated steelmaker Erdemir ranked 45th, going down from 43rd in 2017, with a steel production volume of 9.14 million mt.

In 2018, China maintained its biggest exporter status with 68.8 million mt of steel exports, while Turkey ranked sixth with 19.9 million mt among steel exporting countries excluding the EU. Among steel importing countries excluding the EU, Turkey ranked 10th with 14 million mt of steel imports. Meanwhile, China ranked first with 54.4 million mt in terms of net exports and Turkey ranked eighth with 5.8 million mt of net steel exports.

According to worldsteel, last year apparent steel consumption per capita in the world stood at 224.5 kilograms, while Turkey’s apparent steel consumption per capita was 373.4 kg, its lowest level since 2012. Additionally, South Korea maintained its top position in terms of apparent steel consumption per capita with 1,047 kg, while China’s apparent steel consumption per capita in the given year was 590.1 kg.

In 2018, global apparent steel consumption totaled 1.7 billion mt, 835 million mt of which was accounted for by China, with the US and Turkey consuming 100.2 million mt and 30.6 million mt respectively.


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