Mexico publishes new steel norm, opens consultation

Monday, 11 June 2018 00:10:19 (GMT+3)   |   Sao Paulo

Mexico’s economy secretariat, SE, has published a new regulation for certain types of wire rod, at the same time it opened a public consultation for metallographic specimen preparation methods. Both norms follow the standards of local steel association Canacero.

According to a document filing on Monday, the NMX-B-521-CANACERO-2018, which came into effect today, has no equivalent in other international norms, SE noted. It sets the criteria for importing or domestically producing “smooth or corrugated steel for concrete pavement reinforcements,” such as roads, bridges and industrial floors.

Additionally, SE opened for 60 days a consultation for the PROY-NMX-B-079-CANACERO-2018 norm, which will replace the existing NMX-B-079-1988 regulation.

The proposed PROY-NMX-B-079-CANACERO-2018 covers metallographic specimen preparation methods.

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