EEU extends AD duty on steel pipes from Ukraine

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 17:09:24 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

Following the application for launch of reinvestigation against steel pipes from Ukraine made by main pipe producers in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Armenia, the board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), the executive body of the EEU, has announced that it has decided to extend the antidumping (AD) duty on imports of the products in question until February 7, 2022, inclusive

The antidumping measure on these products had been established on June 22, 2011 and was due to expire on June 1, 2021.  

“The information presented in the application allowed the department to make preliminary conclusions with regard to the possible continuation of dumping of imports of steel pipes from Ukraine and, consequently, its damage to the economy of the Eurasian Economic Union. Based on the results of the consideration of the application on February 8, 2021, a review of the antidumping investigation was launched,” according to the EEC statement.

The current antidumping duty rates stand at 18.9-37.8 percent.

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