Capacity replacement details issued for Yangroup Lianxin Steel’s BF

Thursday, 11 April 2019 11:51:57 (GMT+3)   |   Shanghai

The Department of Industry and Information Technology of China’s Jiangsu Province has issued the capacity replacement details relating to a new 1,080 cubic meter blast furnace (BF) being built by Jiangsu-based Yangroup Lianxin Steel at Dafeng port, Jiangsu. The capacities to be eliminated include one 1,280 cubic meter blast furnace and one 450 cubic meter blast furnace belonging to Jiangsu-based Niutoushan Casting Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, construction work on the new blast furnace began in January this year, while production operations at the blast furnace are due to start in April of the current year. 

The new furnace will have an annual iron-smelting capacity of 1.04 million mt, replacing the two abovementioned blast furnaces which had a total annual iron-smelting capacity of 1.73 million mt. The remaining 0.344 million mt of iron-smelting capacity will be used by the steelmaker at a future date.

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