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Free MOC: Average steel prices in China edge up slightly last week

Free CISA estimates Chinese crude steel output of 98.08 million mt for May, up 6.3%

Free China’s Panzhihua to revamp hot strip mill

Free China's steel industry PPI rises by 38.1 percent in May

Free China’s finished steel imports decline by 5.8 percent in May

Free China’s coal and lignite imports down 25.2 percent in Jan-May

Free China’s steel exports decline by 33.9 percent in May from April

Free Rizhao Steel to build 7.5 million mt BF under new capacity swap program

Free Shenglong Metallurgy starts construction of 5.5 million mt HR line

Free Decline of CISA mills’ daily steel output accelerates to 3.92% in late May

Free Steel sector PMI in Hebei declines to 49.6 percent in May

Free NBS: Local Chinese rebar prices down 13.6 percent in late May

Free Delong Group and New Tianjin Steel to expand steel and coking capacities in Indonesia

Free Shagang Group announces maintenance on BF, bar and wire rod lines

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China decline last week

Free CISA members’ gross profit up 293 percent in January-April

Free Shanghai Futures Exchange to raise transaction fees for rebar and HRC

Free Chinese steelmaker produces first coil at endless strip production plant

Free Tangshan to relax production restrictions

Free Fu’an of Ningde to build 7 million mt of stainless steel production base

Free China’s steel sector PMI rises in May amid output and prices increases, stabilization foreseen in June

Free CISA: 620 million mt of crude steel capacity switching to ultra-low emissions

Free He Wenbo: China’s steel capacity not excessive, sufficient for future demand

Free China’s MEE sends special teams to supervise pollution management

Free Iron ore inventory at Chinese ports almost stable

Free China’s ferrous metal smelting sector sees 1.06-fold hike in profit in Jan-Apr

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China move down last week

Free Ansteel Group sees sharp increase in gross profit in January-April

Free Stocks of main finished steel products in China down 5% in mid-May

Free CISA: China’s steel prices to stabilize in late May after sharp fall

CISA mills’ daily steel output starts to fall in mid-May, down 1.59%

Free China’s NDRC to better respond to abnormal commodity price changes in 2021-25

Free China’s HRC output up 8.2% in April from March amid higher prices

Free China’s rebar and wire rod outputs rise gradually in April

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China move up sharply last week

Free China’s steel bar exports slow in April, but up 47.5 percent in January-April

Free China’s steel sheet and plate exports increase by 29.5 percent in January-April

Free NBS: Local Chinese rebar prices up 11 percent in early May

Free Fitch: Rally in China’s steel prices to slow but prices to remain high

Free Industrial output of China’s steel sector up 14.8 percent in Jan-Apr

Free NBS: China’s crude steel output rises again in Apr, up 15.8% in Jan-Apr

Free Shagang Group plans to participate in mixed ownership reform of Anyang Steel

Free Ansteel Group to take iron ore industry as the main business field of future development

Free CISA mills’ daily steel output up further in early May, stocks increase by 9.47 percent

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China move up last week

Free Iron ore inventory at Chinese ports down 3.5 percent

Free Tangshan Donggang to build a 5.0 million mt CRC project

Free China's steel industry PPI rises by 30 percent in April

Free CISA mills’ daily steel output up 3.25% in late April amid strong demand

Free CISA urges government to play key role to curb rapid rise of iron ore prices

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