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Free Argentina issues final results of AD sunset review on carbon steel pipe fittings from China

Free Gulf Cooperation Council declines to impose duties on steel imports from Brazil

Free Alacero concerns over possible cut in steel import measures in Colombia

Free Indian government hikes GST rates on metallic ores to 18% from 5%

Free Russia mulls changes in tax policy for raw materials

Free India’s DGTR recommends continuation of AD duty on alloy, non-alloy HRC from six countries

Free India’s DGTR recommends continuation of AD duty on CRC from four countries

Free EU imposes definitive AD duty on stainless CR from China and Taiwan

Free India and UK to start FTA negotiations on November 1

Free UK Steel proposes two separate quotas for merchant bar and specialty steel bar

Free India starts AD probe on ex-China stainless seamless pipes, tubes

Free Colombia imposes export quota on scrap

Free US issues final results of AD review on rebar from Mexico

Free Ukraine starts AD duty probe on ex-China seamless cold-drawn and CR pipes

Free EU imposes definitive AD duty on ex-China PCS wires and strand

Free Mexico investigates imports of I and H-shaped steel girders from three countries

Free Mexico commences AD investigation into imports of Vietnamese coated flat steel

Free Russian authorities think steel export duties may not be prolonged

Free Malaysia imposes provisional AD duty on stranded steel wire from China

Free UK removes or reduces AD duty on Russian and Iranian HRC

Free Mexico extends CVD on carbon steel welded pipe from US

Free US issues final results of CVD review on HRC from S. Korea

Free US issues final results of AD review on HRC from Japan

Free US issues final AD duty on stainless steel bar from India

Free Pakistan sets provisional AD duties on CRC from S. Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and the EU

Free Vietnam maintains AD duty on H-beam from Malaysia

Free US issues AD for seamless pipe from S. Korea, Russia and Ukraine and CVD for S. Korea and Russia

Free US imposes higher final AD on HRC from Turkey and Australia

Free US ITC votes to maintain AD/CVD orders on standard, line, and pressure pipe from China

Free US issues final results of AD review on wire rod from Mexico

Free UK’s import CRC and HRC quotas for other countries exhausted

Free US DOC issues preliminary AD review results for Turkish circular welded pipe

Free UK TRA recommends ending AD duty for ex-Russia welded pipe, extension for China, Belarus

Free US issues preliminary AD duty on OCTG from Ukraine

Free US DOC issues preliminary review results for imported rebar from Turkey

Free EU starts review of AD measures on steel ropes and cables originating in China and shipped from S. Korea

Free India extends AD duty on ex-China wire rod imports even as sunset review probe launched

Free US Department of Commerce to lower AD duties on CTL from Italy

EU starts AD duty expiry review on CR flat products from China, Russia

Free US issues final results of AD review on OCTG from Vietnam

Free Turkey starts sunset review on imports of seamless pipes from China

Free US DOC issues preliminary AD decision on large diameter welded pipe from S. Korea

Free India’s DGTR recommends five-year AD duty extension for ex-China seamless tubes, pipes, hollow profiles

Free China’s cancellation of export tax rebate aims to slow down export activities

Free India’s DGTR launches ‘sunset review’ on AD duty on import of wire rod from China

Free US ITC rules silicon metal imports from Malaysia cause injury

Free EU removes AD duty on ex-China high fatigue performance steel concrete reinforcement bars

Free India’s DGTR launches ‘sunset review’ investigations into AD duty on color coated flat steel product imports from ...

Free China initiates expiry review on AD duties on grain oriented electrical steel from Japan, S. Korea and EU

Free S. Korea imposes final AD duty on stainless flats from three countries

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