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Free Turkey’s rebar exports increase by 33.6 percent in January-May

Free Optimus Steel to expand Texas long product plant

Free US rebar imports down 18.9 percent in May

Free UK extends safeguard on some steel products, revokes others

Free US merchant bar exports up 9.3 percent in April

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China decline slightly last week

Free Tsingshan Holdings to invest RMB 12 billion in new stainless steel processing center

Free US drawn wire exports down 23.4 percent in April

Free Russia-based EVRAZ ZSMK to increase wire production

Free Russia approves steel export taxes, market tries to evaluate immediate effects

Free Turkey’s Kardemir issues planned sales volumes for July-September

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China edge down further last week

Free US cold finished bar exports up 2.8 percent in April

Free US DOC issues final AD on welded wire mesh from Mexico

Free CISA mills’ daily steel output up 2.57% in mid-June, stocks up 10.31%

Free Stocks of main finished steel products in China up 3.8% in mid-June

Free Mechel launches first stage of new wiredrawing equipment at Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant

Free Optimus Steel to modernize rolling mill in Texas

Free Japanese crude steel output up 7.7% in May from April

US merchant bar imports down 34.1 percent in April

Free Peruvian rebar sales volume surges up in April

Free China’s rebar and wire rod outputs keep rising steadily in May

Free US rebar exports up 21.9 percent in April

Free US beam imports up 75.1 percent in April

Free CISA mills’ daily steel output up 2.15% in early June, stocks up 6.14%

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China edge down slightly last week

Free US beam exports down 19.5 percent in April

Free New rebar norm to take effect as Mexico opens consultation for two other products

Free Egyptian domestic rebar demand declines in May

Free US hot rolled bar imports up 1.4 percent in April

Free NBS: Local Chinese rebar prices up 1.0 percent in early June

Free US wire rod imports down 11.2 percent in April

Free US drawn wire imports down 3.4 percent in April

Free MOC: Average steel prices in China edge up slightly last week

Free Turkey’s longitudinally welded tube and profile exports up 31.7% in Jan-Apr

Free Italy's ABS inaugurates quality wire rod plant

Free Chilean rebar sales volumes increase 27.4 percent in April

Free France’s steel product import value up 30.4 percent in January-April

Free France’s steel product export value up 28.2 percent in Jan-Apr

Free SteelOrbis’ 12th Annual RWR: High steel prices and tariffs among chief concerns

Free Australia launches AD duty investigation on Taiwanese merchant bar

Free CITT confirms injury in rebar imports to Canada from seven countries

Free Canada issues final AD decisions on rebar imports from Oman and Russia

Free Vietnam’s Hoa Phat’s steel sales nearly up 70 percent in January-May

Free Turkey’s wire rod exports up 10.4 percent in January-April

Free Decline of CISA mills’ daily steel output accelerates to 3.92% in late May

Free Turkey’s rebar exports increase by 19.2 percent in January-April

Free NBS: Local Chinese rebar prices down 13.6 percent in late May

Free US rebar imports down 18.6 percent in April

Free Shagang Group announces maintenance on BF, bar and wire rod lines

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