Steel Index & Database

Orbis Steel Index

The Orbis Steel Index is the most reliable steel price index, presenting weekly indices for the global steel markets.

With the Orbis Steel Index, you will:

  • Gain a clear picture of the steel markets
  • Be able to submit more realistic steel price quotations
  • Confirm the reliability of sellers’ steel raw material prices, steel scrap prices, and steel product prices
  • Follow seasonal steel price trends in the steel markets
Weekly Steel Prices

There are approximately 200 weekly steel prices for 14 different steel indices on the Weekly Steel Prices pages. These weekly steel prices are derived from business transactions that occur on a weekly basis in North American, Northern and Southern European, Middle Eastern and Asian steel markets.

Steel Price Analysis Tool

Through the Steel Price Analysis data you can view current and past price trends of 18 different products from over 20 locations around the world.
Steel Price Analysis illustrate historical steel price trends over a selected time period to accurately display changes in steel prices. This tool enables you to obtain comparative historical steel price charts for up to five reports at one time.

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