Basic Information

The Pipe Works L. Tzirakian Profil S.A. has been operating in its present legal form, as a Societe Anonyme, since 1967 (GGI 310/27.04.1967). Initial shareholders and founders of the Company were Mr Limbaret Tzirakian, son of Takvor (94,6%) and Annous Tzirakian (5.4%). The company seat, according to article to 2 of the Articles of Incorporation, has been specified as the Municipality of Inofyta, Viotia, at the 56th km of the Athens-Lamia National Road, where the central production facilities, as well as the central offices, are located. The total area of the company facilities is 19,496 sq. m. including industrial facilities, warehouses, and office space. The company is registered in the Societes Anonymes Register of the Ministry of Development with S.A. Reg. No. 9615/06/B/86/41. The company also has a branch at 71 Kifissos Av., in Aigaleo, of 1,906 sp. m. total area, which operates as a warehouse.


Steel Service Center