Basic Information

Construction Machinery Industry and Trade Co.Ltd FORMAK. Was established in April 1988. From 1988 until today more than 25 years of serving our country in the contracting sector. Mainly cement plants, glass industry and mining sector needs the machine, process, furnace and steel construction design, design, manufacturing, assembly and automation of their work is done. Organized Industrial Zone and Industrial Zone Hasanoğlan Ostim Jersey in 4500 m2 of workshop and 750 m2 indoor porch below the work area has a total of 5250 m2. Strong and creative technical staff, 75 persons permanent staff and staff turnover compared to the construction site the past 25 years in Jersey with a lot of large and small projects accomplished and our country has been carrying out some first. Customer satisfaction, the company is aware that the guarantee of the continuation of the uniforms, the service is active in all areas of quality control systems have been implemented. Jersey, quality products and services that meet customer demands with highly active in the sector itself has a rightful place, always sought by customers and has become a preferred company. As an indicator of the thoroughness of the quality issues in 2004 implemented the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate as received.


Machine Manufacturer