Why E-commerce

What is e-Commerce?

A new economic order has been spreading around the world through the rapid development of communication technologies and internet usage. As a consequence, geographic borderlines as well as marketplaces; purporting agoras where sellers and buyers meet have disappeared, therefore evolving the world into a brand new dimension. Assuming the whole world as a client, sellers have moved their trading activities into web-based platforms. This new form of trade for globalizing world economics is now called e-Commerce.

On the ground of its development, e-Commerce has become the main function of the modern economic order, arising as the concrete model for the latest concept of economics. As a paragon for that perceptible mode, modern economics and e-Commerce eliminates the physical meeting of buyer and seller, which is a must in traditional economics and market conditions.

What can e-Commerce do for you?

- You can reach unreachable networks, location and individuals

- You can create a newer, alternative and broader client network

- You can save time and money by action automation, fast data flow and one-centered data accumulation

- You can provide your clients easier and faster knowledge acquisition on your products and services

- You can pass beyond time and space limitations

Why SteelOrbis e-Commerce platform?

RFx (Request for Proposal)

- Simple: Create your steel raw material or steel product proposal / request in a short three - step process

- Fast: Ensure that your request -/- proposal will be delivered in seconds to all selected companies synchronously

- Effective: Contact to thousands of automatically-filtered companies in SteelOrbis community according to your raw material or steel product proposal / request

- Secure: Protect your high-classified trade security in your steel request / proposal though exclusive delivery according to your company selection

Cruise on into the SteelOrbis community and enhance your commercial profitability.